"You are not knife wound, not sword swallower, not fallout. You are sky."

POETRY REJECTION #33/100: Literary Orphans

Hello William James,
Thank you for considering Literary Orphans as a place for your work. Having read and discussed your piece “three poems - William James,” our readers regrettably do not feel this submission is right for LO at this time.
I want to wish you the best of luck on placing this elsewhere. Please submit your work to us in the future, we’d like to see more from you. We never consider past submissions in our judgement.

I would also like to state the immense amount of submissions we receive. To get to the number of pieces we ultimately publish, we must read hundreds of submissions. Of these, we often find 100 or so are very, very well done. We would be proud to take any of these and publish them, yet even here, we must whittle this number to less than 40%. Please, never take rejection personally, at this level it becomes very subjective.

If you are unaware, the website “Duotrope” is a great place to find additional marketplaces:
They are, however, charging for their services now. Poets & Writers operates a smaller, free service:

Please subscribe to the magazine to be notified of news:

Thank you for your time and readership.
In solidarity,
Mike Joyce
Literary Orphans

Two Poems at Words Dance

Two of my poems have found a home in the new issue of Words Dance. Thanks to Amanda and the rest of the staff for inviting these poems to dance.

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So, when I was a kid, I said to my father, ‘When I grow up, I want to be a poet.’ He said, ‘You can’t have it both ways.’

Brendan Constantine [x] (via thisshowisover)

PLEASE buy all of Brendan Constantine’s books.



He is one of my favorite poets on earth. His imagination is a national goddamn treasure and should be insured.

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I’ve been plowing through all of Brendan Constantine’s work this summer. He put on one of the most inspiring shows I’ve seen in a while, doing a set of poems in my living room. If you haven’t already, check his work out - it’ll remind you all the reasons you fell in love with poetry to begin with.

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Statistics | RAINN | Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network


With an easy-to-navigate website, RAINN provides services for victims of sexual violence in addition to information for volunteering, educating your communities, and what is being done to address and combat sexual violence in law making. Consider donating, speak up, and speak out.

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Set list, 9/12/14 - Worcester, MA

* Birthright

* A Dreamer’s Response To His Detractors

* Kneeskinner

* And Thus, We Became As Gods

* In Which The Poet Attempts To Comprehend the Works of Dean Young

* Dmitri Shostakovich to Sid Vicious

* Filial

* Letter To Myself Following A Second Failed Suicide Attempt

* Liturgy


Dear William,

Thank you for your submission to DMQ Review. While we admire much about the poems you sent, they’re not quite what we’re looking for at this time. Feel free, however, to try us again in the future.


DMQ Review

Click here to support Support Nick Barbs by Friends of Nick



Someone very close to me was badly injured last week. He is still in a medically induced coma after 9 days while breathing through a ventilator. 9 grand has been raised in 1 week which is incredible, but will only make a dent into what these medical expenses will be. If you can, PLEASE DONATE and share this. All my love and support to Barbs.

A whole bunch of blogs following this thing, repost if you can to help out a good buy.

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Dear Writer,

Thank you so much for submitting to Skydeer Helpking. We’ve decided to pass on the work you sent us, but we want you to know we are grateful to you for you sending your work. We read blind, so we don’t know your name, but we hope you send again next year when we open submissions for issue three.

All the best,
Sara Woods

The Misanthropy Issue #1

My poem “Filial” found a home today in the inaugural issue of The Misanthropy. There’s a metric ton of incredible work in this issue, and I’m very honored to be included.

Give it a read, why not!

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Port Veritas feature: 9/9/14 (set list)

* Liturgy For the Underground

* Birthright

* For My Mother On Her Deathbed

* Come Now, Tired Bones, Rest

* Clenched Fists At The Altar

* Homesong

* Protest Song ‘13

* Dmitri Shostakovich to Sid Vicious

* Stage Dives From The Throne

* In The Dream, You Return To Your Childhood Home & Stand In The Field Where You Once Pretended You Were A Wolf

* Apiary, Sweet Apiary

* Strange Language

* Letter To Myself Following A Second Failed Suicide Attempt

* Monument